What's New

What's New

    ALIVE @ 25

    Vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of death for people between the ages
    of 16 and 24.  The National Safety Council developed Alive @ 25 to
    specifically target drivers in this age group.

    • Since 1995 more than 400,000 young adults have learned life-saving
      defensive driving skills through Alive @ 25.
    • In a recent study by the Colorado Safety Patrol, 93% of
      participants said they would change their driving behavior afterwards.

    This highly interactive four-hour program encourages young drivers to take
    responsibility for their driving behavior.  Skill practices and on-the-spot
    defensive driving techniques help change bravado to confidence.   The
    program helps young drivers to develop convictions and strategies that will
    keep them safer on the road.

    To register or for additional information, call:
    Albany County STOP DWI at 720-8004
    Robert Lathrop (for Warren/Washington counties) at 788-0245
    Cornell Coop Ext (for Saratoga county) 885-8995

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