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Enroll in the National Safety Council's 6 hour Defensive Driving Course

Approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles

Now available ... DDC 6-NY Online!
Complete the 6-hour online DDC and receive the same point/insurance reduction benefits as the classroom course. Take the course at your convenience; once you register, you have up to 30 days to complete (a bookmarking feature allows you to log in and out). NEW LOW PRICE Special reduced rate for PEF members = $18.00. To register for the online course, click here.

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Northeastern New York Safety & Health Council

Exclusive PEF DDC Course Schedules

Sign up ON LINE - safe - secure - with your credit card! If you are registering more than one person, enter both names in "NAME" box or submit additional forms. (NOTE: When you click on this link, if a box appears, please select the option to "Accept this certificate permanently" and click OK) As of July 1, 2016 = $21.00


To be eligible, complete the National Safety Council's 6-hour DDC through one of our approved PEF Locations.

Your three-year discount will apply to premiums to all vehicles for which you are listed as principal operator, including:
Recreational vehicles

Four (4) points will automatically be deducted from the total on your driver record if you have incurred violations during the 18-month period prior to completing DDC.

The point reduction could help you avoid a license suspension! Points which are reduced remain on record but are not counted by the DMV in determining administrative actions against license.

Please note, the point reduction will not cancel a mandatory suspension or revocation already being taken against a motorist's driving privileges.