Defensive Driving - Organizational DDC

There are two ways of offering the Defensive Driving Course (DDC) to members of your organization. You may choose to have your members taught by one of our instructors either here at the Council or at your facility, or you may decide to have one or several of your members trained as qualified instructors so you can offer the course to your members and their dependents whenever needed.

Having the Safety and Health Council conduct the Course

The Council needs a minimum of (30) days advance notice to schedule the course. As mentioned, the DDC may be held here in the Council's classroom, or at your facility. The course will be taught by one of our certified instructors. Forty students is the maximum per session. We supply all necessary materials.

If all business drivers of an organization complete the DDC, the organization receives an additional insurance discount as long as their drivers are not experience rated. The price per student for the DDC is dependent upon the total number of students. Group rates as follows:

10 - 15 = $40.00

16 - 25 = $35.00

26 - 40 = $32.00

The above prices include an instructor, six hours of training, student workbooks, all paperwork and information processing, and the insurance and point reduction benefits. Instructor travel and meal expenses (if applicable) are not included and must be reimbursed.

To Conduct the course yourself

To be able to offer the DDC directly, your organization must become a "private" agency of the National Safety Council. As a private agency, responsibilities would include insuring your certified instructors to teach the course, maintaining a DDC-6 video lease, processing all necessary paperwork, and submitting each class report form, which includes $18.00 per student to the National Safety Council for the point and insurance reduction benefits.

To become a private agency, you must first obtain and submit your application for private agency status, as well as instructor application and resume, for approval by the National Safety Council and the Department of Motor Vehicles. All DDC Training Agencies must also become members of the National Safety Council in order to receive member pricing on all materials. As an agency you have the option of a Community Service or Organizational Membership.

If applications are approved, applicants must complete the (3) day Instructor Development Course and teach two probationary sessions of the DDC with an approved instructor to become certified. (Instructor's Course is $350/person). Candidates have one year from the completion of the IDC to teach their candidate sessions. Instructors must teach two sessions per year to maintain their certification, which is renewed in September of each year for $50/person.

Finally, order DDC Teaching Kit components, (including flip chart or power point presentation; magnetic intersection kit; and traffic shapes and signs -- video or DVD fis provided free of charge) and student workbooks from the Safety and Health Council. DDC promotional materials, scheduling forms, class report forms and student record cards may be obtained through us at no charge.


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