Education and Prevention for Safety and Health

Education and Prevention for Safety and Health

Education and Prevention for Safety and HealthEducation and Prevention for Safety and HealthEducation and Prevention for Safety and Health

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2020 Training Schedule

March 27, 2020 - Flagger - Train - The- Trainer

The NSC Advanced Safety Certificate Program (ASC) is a nationally recognized safety curriculum based on proven best practices.  More than just safety training.  ASC is a robust curriculum that is focused on developing your ability to solve problems relating to occupational safety in the workplace.  Participants will develop the skills necessary to think critically about safety, create comprehensive safety plans and execute on those plans.

Coaching the Lift Truck Operator Train-The-Trainer  

Member: $550                     Non-Member: $650
Member: $200*                 Non-Member: $300*

  • Learn how to train your lift truck operators using the National Safety Council’s Coaching the Lift Truck Operator training program. Upon completion of this one-day seminar you’ll be able to: Identify operator training requirements and definitions from OSHA and NIOSH
  • Recognize the skills required for safe operation and maintenance of powered industrial trucks 
  • Develop an in-house operator training program that meets and exceeds OSHA requirements using NSC’s Coaching the Lift Truck Operator packaged training program
  • Design exercises to evaluate hands-on performance by operators Educate non-operators on how to work safely around powered industrial trucks.
  • Each attendee receives one Operator Response Book plus the complete Coaching the Lift Truck Operator Instructor Kit (including Leader’s Guide with DVD or VHS & CD-Rom). *Additional attendee from same company (only receives Leader's Guide).

Flagger - Train - the- Trainer

March 27, 2020 -                 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Member: $395                    Non-Member: $515

Training Goal:

In the Flagger Training Instructor Course, you'll learn to teach work zone crews standard flagging procedures and how to provide safe passage in and around work areas.  Get certified to deliver the Flagger Training Course to your work zone crews.  No prerequisites required.

Who should attend?
Individuals with safety and health responsibilities in highway and street construction; bridge, tunnel, water and sewer construction; concrete, utilities, or paving industries; state transportation, and county or municipal street/public works departments.

Why you should attend?
Controlling traffic through work zones is one of the most important and dangerous operations in road construction and maintenance.  The National Safety Council's Instructor Course for the Flagger Training Program will train you to teach standardized flagging procedures.  Upon completion of the course you will be able to apply the resources and information learned to protect your own crew and the public.

The course covers:

* The Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)
* ANSI standard ISEA-107-2015
* How to get students involved in the course
* How to use course materials
* Administrative responsibilities
* Adult learning needs
* Develop effective teaching skills

Certification for a Flagger Instructor is contingent upon completion of the Flagger Training Instructor Course, affiliation with an organization maintaining current status as an approved Flagger Training Center and successfully teaching (1) one supervised probationary classes.  In addition there is a $25 annual fee for Instructor renewal.  An organization may become an approved Flagger Training Center by signing a Training Center Agreement.

Safety Management Techniques - an ASC program
(12noon-4pm Monday, 8am-4pm Tuesday-Thursday, 8am-12noon Friday)
Member: $1295        Non-Member: $1650

Based on sound safety, management, quality and performance technology principles, Safety Management Techniques is a 30-hour course that will help you manage employees and/or projects in your safety and health efforts.  Program content, case studies, exercises and discussions focus on the practical knowledge and skills required to effectively deal with safety-related organizational practices, environmental conditions, and human relations issues.

You will examine your function and leadership role as a safety and health practitioner as special knowledge and skills are covered in the course.  As a special review activity, you'll assess your own organization's safety and health practices and create a management plan that you can take back to your facility for implementations.

2.6  NSC CEU's awarded

CEVO Ambulance 4 Train-the-Trainer

 TBA (9:00 am - 4:00 pm)

Member: $325  Non-Member: $425

Newly revised, this program adapts proven defensive driving techniques to the unique nature of ambulance work, training drivers to navigate traffic safety in emergency and non-emergency situations. Topics covered include adverse weather conditions; blind spots and cushion of safety; intersections, passing & lane changes; safe backing and parking; scanning and traffic hazard identification; vehicle handling, design and inspection. Participants will receive the CEVO Ambulance 4 Instructor Kit which includes a fully-scripted Instructor Guide, video presentation on VHS or DVD, group discussion diagrams to reinforce key coaching points (on DVD or in Power-Point on CD-ROM) and reproducible observational checklist.

What's new in CEVO 4 Ambulance:

  • All new participant Response Book
  • All new, fifty question, computer-scored final test
  • Seven new video presentations
  • new discussion scenarios for both emergency and non-emergency driving situations
  • Two additional braking system video presentations
  • Applying the principle of "SCC" (scanning, cushion of safety, communicating) to both emergency and non-emergency driving.
  • "Active Shooter" policy review
  • "Move Over Law" review
  • New post-course "Refresher" discussion exercise

Principles of Safety & Health (POSH) an ASC program

(12noon-4pm Monday, 8am-4pm Tuesday-Thursday, 8am-12noon Friday)
Member: $1295        Non-Member: $1650

POSH is an intensive four-day course, covering 19 topics which will give you firm grounding in the fundamentals of workplace safety and health.  This course delivers a solid curriculum of important safety concepts with an emphasis on best practices for implementing and managing a safety program. 

2.6 NSC CEU's awarded

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene (FIH)  an ASC program

Dates TBA
(12noon-4pm Monday, 8am-4pm Tuesday-Thursday, 8am-12noon Friday)
Member: $1295        Non-Member: $1650

A comprehensive overview of more than 12 industrial hygiene topics.  This course examines the four key processes in an industrial hygiene effort: anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control.  You'll be involved in case studies, discussions and hands-on equipment demonstrations.

2.6 NSC CEU's awarded

Defensive Driving Instructor Course

Price: $350

The National Safety Council DDC Instructor Certification Program delivers standardized, consistent curriculum ensuring uniformity in content management and facilitation methods, and provides the necessary skills for creating both a positive individual learner and interactive classroom experience. Price includes Instructor manual, three days of Instruction, and your first year of Instructor credentials. Contact Tim Seeley at or by phone at 518-438-2365 if interested in taking the course.  Applications as well as other paperwork must be submitted and approved prior to taking the course.